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Liberia to Restart Logging

Liberia is about to restart logging of its valuable tropical hardwood timber, but environmental activists warn that even with strict regulations the new commercial activity may cause terrible ecological damage.

The United Nations placed an embargo on timber from Liberia in 2003 to stop former president Charles Taylor’s use of illegally logged “blood timber” to fund his violent rule. The international sanctions effectively prohibited the commercial logging or exporting of any timber products.

Previously the export of hardwoods was estimated to make up 60 percent of Liberia’s GDP.

The U.N. ban has now been lifted and new, innovative regulations for domestic forestry have been implemented. Seven companies are in the final stages of getting permission to start cutting down one of West Africa’s most valuable natural resources: untouched rainforest.  This does not come without controversy.

Proponents argue that logging will produce as many as 40,000 much needed jobs and jump-start a multi-million dollar industry in Liberia’s fledgling economy. Critics question how accurate the projected employment statistics are, how the new regulations will be enforced and if the financial benefits will balance against the loss of pristine forests, an increasingly rare commodity in Africa.

By Darlington Micah :  darlingtonmicah44@gmail.com