Plants and Animals Indigenous to Liberia..

Anthony Brach Liberia Plants..

Several killifish are found nowhere else than Liberia including Callopanchax monroviae (Killifish of West Africa), Epiplatys azureus (FishBase), Epiplatys coccinatus (Killifish of West Africa), and Epiplatys ruhkopfi (Killifish of West Africa). Other endemic freshwater fish include the cichlids Chromidotilapia cavalliensis (Aquapress Bleher) and Tilapia coffea (FishBase), a loach catfish Paramphilius firestonei (ACSI), and two barbs: Barbus carcharhinoides (FishBase) and Barbus melanotaenia (FishBase).

The Liberian Greenbul (BirdLife Int’l) is a critically endangered bird known from only two forest patches.

An endemic reptile is the Liberia Worm Snake Typhlops leucostictus (Reptile Database).

Endemic amphibians include the Liberia Nimba Toad Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis (Fauna & Flora of Liberia), the Gbanga Forest Treefrog Leptopelis bequaerti (eol), and the recently described squeaker frog Arthroleptis langeri (AmphibiaWeb) and river frog Phrynobatrachus hieroglyphicus (African Amphibians Lifedesk).

Insects known only from Liberia include a butterfly Anthene georgiadisi (Cryptozoology Online), a flower beetle Polyplastus assarius (Fig. 6 at BHL), a raspy cricket Atychogryllacris liberiana (SysTax), and two bush crickets Catoptropteryx naevia (OSF) and Spalacomimus liberiana (OSF). Other endemic invertebrates include a jumping spider Asemonea liberiensis (Salticidae of the World), a centipede Schizonampa libera (CHILOBASE), the Lugbe River Crab Liberonautes lugbe (IUCN Red List), and the land snails Archachatina knorrii ( and Maizaniella sapoensis (Zool. Med. Leiden pdf file). A family of pauropods, the Afrauropodidae, was described from a single specimen of Afrauropus occiduus

Among about 100 vascular plant species unique to Liberia are Cercestis hepperi (FFI), Cola liberica (Fauna & Flora of Liberia), Trichoscypha linderi (JSTOR), Begonia fusicarpa (JSTOR), Ancistrocladus pachyrrachis (JSTOR), Guibourtia dinklagei (JSTOR), Glenniea adamii (Tropicos), Rytigynia liberica (JSTOR), Gaertnera liberiensis (JSTOR), Sericanthe adamii (JSTOR), Uvaria dinklagei (JSTOR), Aframomum elegans (Kew), Cassipourea firestoneana (Fauna & Flora of Liberia), Tetraberlinia tubmaniana (ARKive), Mapania liberiensis (JSTOR), Memecylon liberiae (JSTOR), and three orchids: Angraecum modicum (JSTOR), Malaxis melanotoessa (JSTOR), and Rhipidoglossum (or Diaphananthe) paucifolium (JSTOR). Dinklageodoxa (JSTOR) is an endemic genus.

Liberia is part of the Guinean Forests of West Africa biodiversity hotspot (Biodiversity Hotspots). Portions of Liberia are included in the Guinean Montane Forests (WWF) and the Western Guinean Lowland Forests (WWF) terrestrial ecoregions. An important freshwater ecoregion is the Southern Upper Guinea (FEOW).  Many endemic flowering plant species are indicated at the list available at (Fauna & Flora of Liberia).

Source: Living National Treasure