Liberia Eco-tourism Development Potential…

Photo by Nick Fraser - Fish Smokery, Liberia

The holiday and tourism market in Liberia presents tremendous development potential and investment opportunities for holiday companies, travel agents and tour operators from around the world.

Mondo9 is an experienced an experienced destination management consultant with a very strong eco tourism bias, set up to contribute to the promotion and development of Liberia as an ecotourism destination.

Our aim is simple – to make to make Liberia holiday and tourism sector more interesting and more enjoyable for all. We can also advise on business trips to Liberia, property inspection tours and volountary, gap year for travel and tourism students or community, team or career development breaks

Mond9 is helping to create and sustain profitable ecotourism projects that benefit the tourist, the local villages and the environment for future generations.  We can help you analyse the factors that provide the context for planning effective business strategies, and in particular the analysis of those factors which give rise to opportunities and threats.

    * Eco tourism: national heritage and other tourist atractions in the Liberia

    * Up-country tourism: eco lodges, eco motels, eco tourist camps in the Liberia

    * Eco tourism friendly round tour operators and river cruise operators Liberia

    * Ecotourism holidays, ecotourism resorts, ecotourism activities and ecoutourism sites

For more information on our eco tourist business services or to send us any information or comments about the Liberia, please contact us at this address Tel: +2316450906