Liberia – Africa’s Unspoilt Surf Paradise..

Photo by Gemma Freeman

Nowhere else but Liberia in West Africa offers a wonderful adventure and discovery on the African continent. Liberia presents a unique and fulfilling experience for those seeking to discover the local heritage of destination whilst being sure that the local communities will benefit directly from their presence on the ground.

There are so many miles unknown surf spots and so many dusty trails leading to excitement. Sure, we all know about the point breaks of Morocco and the perfect waves of J-Bay, but in between and beyond lie thousands of kilometers of untapped white pristine African beaches crying out for budding surf explores.

Just imagine what it must be to surf in Liberia. Imagine riding waves under the brooding fortifications of an old slave fort. White pristine beaches bordered by palm trees, rolling green hills dominated by lush untouched rainforest, the silence only disturbed by birds and monkeys calling after one another and sound of the waves lapping against the shore, not to forget the sea at a constant warm temperature. As you look deeper into the local area, you will find friendly local communities, usually fishermen, who work hard to survive in the poverty stricken rural areas, children playing football on the beach who invite you to kick the ball about, a family having lunch outside on the porch who motion for you to come and taste a local dish, and everyone with smiling faces showing that you don’t need to be happy. You feel a sense of freedom, devoid of materialism and barriers, a feeling of, at least finding the true sense of the word “living”.

For more information about surfing in Liberia contact: Darlington Micah email: Tel: +2316450906